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The Benefits of Vertz Marketing

Vertz Marketing is a digital marketing service that helps small businesses promote themselves online. It has a simple approach and can help any business get started. The company has a friendly support team that helps you with every aspect of your advertising. The benefits of using Vertz Marketing can include increased sales and customer satisfaction.


The Vertz Marketing Rotary Small Business Innovation Center is a joint venture between Concordia University Wisconsin’s Batterman School of Business and Rotary International to provide small business owners with free digital marketing services and business development planning. The center has accepted ten local businesses in the fall and will assign three Concordia students to each business. The program started this spring with a pilot program and is expected to expand to 10 businesses per year.

Vertz Marketing focuses on small and mid-size businesses in the Milwaukee area. It has 15 in-house marketing experts and specializes in brand building. Its goal is to help these companies reach their full potential. Its services range from social media management to web design. The company’s website also features client reviews and a portfolio.


Vertz Marketing is a Milwaukee-based professional advertising agency that has been helping local businesses for 15 years. The company’s mission is to give clients the competitive edge needed to reach their profit potential. Founded by Tim Vertz, the company has been featured in a variety of publications, including the Journal Sentinel, BizTimes, and TMJ4.

Vertz Marketing focuses on the small and medium-sized business market. They offer free marketing checkups and can help small businesses improve their bottom lines. Vertz Marketing is a certified Google partner and is one of the few in Wisconsin to offer this service. Their marketing experts are experts in their field and will provide your business with effective strategies to increase revenue.

The company uses retargeting techniques, compelling offers, and highly tested landing pages to increase the conversion rate of their clients’ online ads. They combine their proven technologies to place your business ahead of your competition. This allows smaller businesses to compete with larger organizations. The company offers a wide range of online advertising options and services at a price that is more affordable than you might imagine.

Customer service

A recent partnership between Vertz Marketing and the Batterman School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has helped area businesses take advantage of free digital marketing services and business development planning. The program is open to small and growing businesses that are interested in gaining an edge over their competitors. Up to three CUW student interns will work with each business during the fall semester.

Customer service is one of the most important parts of a successful company. When customers are happy with their experience, they are more likely to recommend your brand to their friends and family. Ultimately, this is the cheapest form of word-of-mouth advertising. And good customer service builds long-lasting customer relationships.

Aligning your marketing and customer support teams is vital to increasing profits. The two departments should share information consistently. For example, marketing staff members should conduct market research about their customers and use that information to answer customer questions. Additionally, customer service representatives should always have up-to-date promotional materials.

A good customer experience can lead to increased revenue. Studies have shown that 78% of customers would do business with a company again if they were treated better. By emphasizing customer service as a strategic priority, businesses can generate between 4% and 8% more revenue than their competitors.