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Types of Sports and Safety Surfaces

When it comes to sports facilities, the surface beneath the equipment is just as important as the actual structure. The right surface can help to prevent injuries and allow children to play safely, and even have some fun.

There are many different types of surfacing available for playgrounds and multi use games areas, each with its own specific qualities. It’s important to choose a surface which is best suited to the sport you want to play, whether that be a high impact absorbing rubber system or a more durable and hard wearing macadam surface. It’s also important to carry out regular maintenance on these surfaces, which can include drag brushing, pressure washing, infill top up and chemical treatments to prevent contamination from moss and algae.

Grass fields and traditional asphalt surface Sports and Safety Surfaces can be resource intensive, requiring large amounts of water and fertilizers. These chemicals can runoff into nearby bodies of water, polluting the ecosystem and causing harm to aquatic species. Additionally, the manufacture, installation and maintenance of these traditional surfaces produce a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

However, eco-friendly innovations in engineering have allowed for more sustainable solutions in the world of sports surfaces. From reusing and recycling materials to utilizing permeable surfaces that manage stormwater and regulate temperature, these new developments in sports surfaces are helping to pave the way for a greener future in the sporting industry.

A premium poured in place rubber system is perfect for the modern playground, offering the ability to customize the surface with a choice of colours and shapes to complement the equipment. It’s also available in a range of different thicknesses to meet the safety requirements for different children’s activities, including critical fall height protection. This type of surface is also ideal for multi use games areas, as it can be topped with a more hardwearing macadam finish for football pitches and tennis courts.

Needlepunch synthetic turf is a popular option for younger children’s sports, particularly primary schools where the focus tends to be more on having fun and less on competitive sport. The softer, more impact absorbing surface is typically installed in a brightly coloured rainbow design and can be used for a variety of games including tennis, hockey, netball, football and basketball. It’s also well suited to long jump and athletics tracks, particularly if the facility is being designed for school competitions and events.

Wetpour is a hand-laid two layer system which can be laid to different depths depending on the intended application – for example, to protect a specific critical fall height or to suit a budget where protection isn’t the primary function of the surface. This combination of larger SBR base rubber and finer colourful EPDM surface rubber offers a safe, comfortable and practical surfacing option for playgrounds, parks, nurseries and homes. We can add coloured line marking to this type of surface, as well as anti slip paint coatings.