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The most important part of the cleaning process is inspection

Kitchen exhaust cleaning, also known as hood cleaning, is an important part of restaurant operations. A properly cleaned kitchen hood helps prevent the spread of dangerous fires. Also, it will ensure the safety of your staff and visitors. This process is done by professional cleaners.

The process involves the removal of grease and other build-up from vent hoods and duct work. Typically, it will involve high powered pressure washing to remove greasy deposits from the outside of the system and caustic chemicals to break up the residue inside the ducts.

Often, the hood is polished to make it look more attractive. It is important to use an established cleaning technique to ensure your exhaust system meets the necessary specifications. These include using plastic covers to prevent accumulation of greasy materials and scrubbing with a caustic chemical to help break up the build-up.

Hoods can be cleaned on your own or by hiring a professional. Both options require the right tools, proper cleaning techniques and knowledge of safety practices. Several reputable companies offer this service. For example, Rite Temp offers a complete hood cleaning service. Another company, Western Commercial Services, is a member of the IKECA (International Kitchen Equipment Contractors Association). They provide a variety of services including scrubbing, vacuuming, and power washing.

While hood cleaning is a good idea, you should also ensure that your kitchen exhaust system is inspected regularly. In fact, many jurisdictions have adopted the National Fire Protection Association Standard 96, which clearly states the need to clean kitchen hoods.

The most important part of the cleaning process is inspection. During this phase, your hoods and ducts will be disassembled, allowing the technicians to get a close up view of the interior. During this time, the cleaners will check to see if there are any anomalies. Additionally, the technician will test the fans for noise and functionality.

If your hoods and ductwork are in need of a thorough cleaning, you should consider contacting a reputable restaurant duct cleaning service. There Hood Cleaning are several companies that will come to your establishment and perform a free estimate. Pricing is based on the frequency of your cleanings.

Typical hood cleaning services will take three to four hours. The service includes a full cleaning of the kitchen hood, plenum, filter tracts, and any other areas where work was performed. It also includes food grade polish.

In addition, the service should include cleaning and polishing the walls and backsplash. Proper hood cleaning is important to avoid contaminating your food and putting your customers’ health at risk. Most importantly, a clean hood will promote sanitation in your kitchen.

Some hood cleaning companies may require a criminal background check before performing their work. However, you should never hire a hood cleaning company without knowing their policy. Before deciding on a company, do some research on the company’s reputation, their background checks, and their cleaning techniques. Using a reputable company will ensure that your hoods are in top condition and will minimize the risk of a fire.