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Online Divorce in Florida – What You Need to Know

Getting an online divorce in florida is not as complicated or risky as some may think. Florida has a state court e-filing portal that allows people to complete a divorce case without stepping foot inside a family law courtroom. This makes it easier for couples who are on the same page and can agree about property division to file for an online divorce. The process is quicker and cheaper than traditional methods of divorce.

The first thing a person needs to do is make sure that they qualify for the type of divorce they are seeking. Then they need to gather the proper paperwork. This can include the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage along with financial affidavits. The filing fees are usually around $410 and they can be waived if the person meets the court’s income requirements.

They then need to have the spouse served with the papers unless they are filing an uncontested divorce. This can be done by a sheriff’s deputy or a private process server. Then the spouse needs to sign and notarize all of the forms. Finally, they need to file the originals and copies with the circuit court in their county.

Once all of the paperwork is filed the judge will sign and mail the final judgment to both parties. This typically takes about 30 days. Depending on the type of divorce there will also be a short final hearing in which the judge will address any issues.

Online divorce in florida has become more popular because of the convenience and ease of completing all of the required legal documents. However, it is not without its risks and is not recommended if there are any assets or children involved in the case.

A person should also check to make sure that the online forms they are using are court-approved and up-to-date. The state laws are constantly changing and if someone uses outdated or incorrect forms they could end up losing money or time.

In addition to making sure that the forms are correctly completed, people should consider hiring an experienced lawyer who will help them through the entire process. This will ensure that they are filing the correct paperwork, completing everything correctly and meeting all of the legal requirements for their case.

The right attorney can also make the divorce process much less stressful and expensive for their clients. This is especially true if they are representing a client in a contested divorce case where property division, alimony and child custody issues must be addressed. The experienced attorney will work with the client to get them the best outcome possible.