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How thick is a cavity wall?

When it comes to wall insulation companies near me, homeowners should do their homework. A reputable contractor will be licensed and insured, as well as offer a written estimate, contract, and warranty. Homeowners can check a company’s credentials by asking how long they’ve been in business and how often they perform this type of work.

A properly insulated home has a comfortable temperature throughout the year and significantly reduces energy costs. In fact, insulating walls alone can cut a homeowner’s energy costs by about 25%. The best way to ensure that a home is adequately insulated is during construction or renovation. However, even older homes can benefit from a wall insulation installation. An experienced contractor will know the best type of insulation and R-value for a specific home, climate, and budget.

One of the most common problems with existing homes is poor insulation, especially in exterior walls. Uninsulated walls let outside temperatures seep into rooms, which drives up energy bills. A home that is not sufficiently insulated can also experience drafts, high electric and gas bills, fluctuating indoor temperatures, and moisture issues such as mold and freezing pipes.

Insulating a home’s interior and exterior walls can reduce noise, increase energy efficiency, and protect the structure of the building. Many companies specialize in the installation of different types of insulation, including fiberglass batts, cellulose, spray foam, and rigid foam. In addition to installing the insulation, they may also handle other services like metal stud framing, drywall services, air sealing, and gypsum concrete floors for soundproofing.

Choosing an insulation company that has years of experience working with a variety of siding materials will help homeowners get the most out of their project. For example, a house with brick requires a different process for installing insulation than a wood-clad home. Homeowners should ask the company how long they’ve been in business and what kind of experience they have with a particular type of siding.

In addition to a proven track record of customer satisfaction, an experienced insulation contractor will be familiar with building codes in the area. They’ll be able to work with local inspectors to ensure that all new and existing homes meet the proper requirements for insulation. This is important to prevent problems such as carbon monoxide leaks from furnace malfunctions, which can occur when a home is not sufficiently ventilated.

When selecting a company to install insulation, homeowners should consider the size of their home and the amount of space they want to insulate. It is not cost-effective to insulate every inch of an attic floor or crawl space, so the homeowner should carefully consider their needs. In addition, the contractor should explain the process they’ll use to insulate the area and the estimated cost. Then, the homeowner can choose a company that offers a competitive price and quality installation. In most cases, the company will provide a lifetime warranty on its products and installation. This will give homeowners peace of mind that the insulation is installed correctly and will last a lifetime.