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Benefits of Blown in Attic Insulation

Blown in attic insulation is an energy-efficient option that will pay for itself in less than four years in lowered utility bills. In addition, this home improvement project is an excellent way to add comfort and value to your home. Unlike roll-on fiberglass, which may be subject to gaps and gaps, properly installed blown in insulation is a snug fit that effectively seals air leaks for a more efficient home.

Blow in insulation is a loose-fill option that’s often made from recycled paper or recycled glass fibers. This type of insulation is blown or sprayed into place with specialized equipment and can easily fill in the nooks and crannies of your attic. It’s also a good choice for attics with irregular joist spacing, numerous obstructions, or existing finished surfaces.

A blown in insulation attic can also reduce sound transmission and enhance indoor air quality. The tight seal created by blown in insulation helps to muffle noise from other rooms, and reduces outdoor sounds. This is a particularly important benefit for those with children or teenagers living at home who will appreciate the quiet atmosphere.

While you can install blown in insulation yourself, it is typically more cost-effective to let a professional do the work. If you do choose to DIY, make sure you have a helper and set aside two days: one for attic prep and the second to actually blow in the insulation. You’ll need plenty of safety gear, too – goggles, dust mask, and gloves are a must. Plus, you’ll need to know what kind of insulation you want: fiberglass batts, cellulose, or mineral wool.

A reputable home improvement company will inspect your attic and determine how much insulation is needed, based on the R-value recommended by the National Energy Code. They will typically recommend air sealing and soffit venting as well, in order to maximize the efficiency of your new insulation. They will also check the condition of your attic wiring, as it is difficult to access once blown in insulation is poured.

When blown in insulation is professionally installed, it will quickly cover your attic, blanketing wooden crossbeams; plumbing pipes; electrical wiring; and television cables. It will also help to reduce the amount of heat that escapes from your home, enhancing HVAC performance.

The airtight seal created by blown in insulation will also improve blown in attic insulation fire resistance. This is because it prevents smoke from flowing through small crevices and stoking the flames. Cellulose and fiberglass insulation are both fire retardant, making this a very valuable feature for any homeowner.

Blown in attic insulation is an effective, efficient, and inexpensive way to boost your home’s R-value and lower energy costs. If you’re ready to save money and enjoy a more comfortable home, contact us today for an estimate on blown in attic insulation! Our team of experts is always happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!